Most Intelligent Anime Characters

The intelligent anime characters are worth watching as they encourage viewers with their presence in the series. Many anime characters are out there to add to your favorite list, but genius anime characters attract you to watch their anime series. Anime series with intelligent anime characters make you a decision-maker and deliver the self-aspects. Even their well-being personality is impressive and follows them in life.

The anime series is a more powerful way to experience the incredible character. As many anime characters are powerful to follow, some genius anime characters are there to chase the unpredictable anime series. People enjoy adequate characters like Goku, Naruto, Luffy, Eren, and Levi are the most famous anime characters as they have strong personalities. They are found in the action genre anime.

Here are the top most intelligent anime characters,

1. Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the most intelligent anime character from the anime series Death Note. A Death Note anime series is widely popular to watch as it contains insane anime characters. You may find the supernatural, fantasy, drama, crime, mystery, and thriller genre storylines in the Death Note anime series. The Death Note anime series is the shounen genre anime series, also it was serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine. Light Yagami is the protagonist anime character of the Death Note anime series.

Light is a young schoolboy who found the mysterious notebook Death Note. He is almost bored with life and is conscious of the injustice running in the world because of some evil people. While Death Note is a supernatural book, it allows its owner to write the name of a particular person to commit the murder. The original owner was a shinigami Ryuk, as Death Not accidentally fell from his hand. Light found the Death Note and becomes the owner of the Death Note. The Light uses the Death Note to kill evil people, and he executes the murders secretly. L is another genius anime character, who is a part of the Japanese investigation team to uncover the murderer. L and Light are both depicted as the genius anime characters in the series, as Light is more genius than an L as it accomplishes each action with planning. Light found himself a God, as he can control the life of anyone.

2. Korosensei

Korosensei is a highly intelligent anime character from the Assassination Classroom anime series. He is the secondary protagonist of the series and appeared as a teacher in class 3-A of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The anime series Assassination Classroom is the most popular as it's the science fiction genre storyline to watch. The series was adapted from the same name manga by manga artist Yusei Matsui. The series was serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. The assassination Classroom anime series has two seasons and 22 episodes to watch the incredible anime. You can check for the filler episodes by visiting

The storyline follows the routine life of class 3-A. The students of class 3-A are dedicated to assassin the Korosensei aimed to prevent distortion of the world. Their class is in a separate building as they are misfits in the school. The creatures look like octopuses that have attacked the moon, and his next goal is to destroy the earth. He gave a chance to the human land, and Korosensei is one of the creature characters working as a teacher in Class 3-A. Korosensei's appearance is also like a humanoid octopus, who has a weird look. He can perform multiple tasks at the same time using his various hands.

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