Top Most Popular Mystery Anime Series To Watch Right Now

Many genres of anime are popular out there to experience watching quality anime. The mystery genre anime is one of them to watch and experience the unpredictable storyline.

Mystery genre anime series ultimately presented with an unpredictable and incredible storyline. It puts you in critical thinking that makes your watching anime excellent. You may easily find the best action, fantasy, and adventure genre top anime series to watch, but finding the best mystery genre series is hard. This article is perfect for your find to uncover the most popular mystery genre series.

It consists of an unpredictable storyline with the most intelligent characters. Both make watching anime worthwhile to chase without any doubt. If you are interested in a storyline stuffed with mystery, thriller, detectives, and criminals then you should watch these given anime series.

Let's explore the best mystery genre anime series to watch right now,

#1 Detective Conan

Detective Conan is the most popular and long-running anime series to grab incredible entertainment. Detective Conan or Case Closed is the best anime series adapted from the Case Closed manga series created by Gosho Aoyama. The series is the shounen genre series that gets serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. The anime series has released 1000+ episodes to watch the mystery and thriller genre series. The serialization of the series is still running, so, watching with the Detective Conan fillers will more worthiest way to uncover watching this fascinating anime series.

The Detective Conan series follows the life of the protagonist and detective Shinichi Kudo(Jimmy Kudo). Shinichi is a young high school detective boy. During his investigation, he gets attacked by a member of a Black Organization aiming to kill Kudo, instead murder of murder he transformed into a child. After the transformation of Kudo into a child, he secretly started living with his friend, as his friend's father is a private detective. Kudo strives to discover a member of a Black Organization to bring back his young body and identity. The anime series is filled with detectives, cases, criminals, and secrets to experiencing watching the best mysterious storyline of the anime.

#2 Death Note

Death Note is one of the most popular anime series to watch right now. The series covers almost all types of entertainment excluding romance. It's the best mystery and supernatural genre series to watch. The anime series get adapted from the same-name manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The anime series is an excellent shounen genre that was serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. This series consists of a combination of thriller, mystery, supernatural, criminal, and murder in an excellent way. Watching this series means experiencing a lot of twists and unpredictable storylines.

Death Note anime series focused on a notebook with supernatural abilities named, Death Note. A Death Note allows its owner referred to as Kira as to accomplish the murder of a particular person by writing the name of this person on the Death Note. The supernatural abilities allow Kira to accomplish the murder without leaving a single piece of evidence. The protagonist and most intelligent Light Yagami receives this netbook and becomes the Kira. He receives the abilities of Kira as he can accomplish murder. He secretly started the murder of criminals in Japan. In the series, L is another intelligent detective character who strives to prove Light is Kira.


Mystery anime is the best way to chase quality entertainment as it is proven to improve thinking abilities. The anime series makes your watching experience rich with a unique storyline. Watching an anime series with a filler guide is a great way to experience the original storyline.

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