Best Fantasy-Adventure Anime Series

The anime series is an excellent way to uncover high-quality entertainment. If you're looking for the best fantasy and adventure anime series, then it'd be great to choose one from this article. In this guide, I'll show you which anime you should pick for your adventure and fantasy genre watching anime.

Many anime series are out there to pick for your quality entertainment. But, if you already know your entertainment interest, it will be super easy to uncover the best anime.

Most Popular fantasy-adventure genre anime series to watch right now,

Black Clover

If you are planning to watch an anime series that contains the best adventure, fantasy, action, and drama, then Black Clover should be at the top of your list. It is truly worth watching. It gets adapted from the same-titled manga series created by Yki Tabata. It's a shounen genre series that was serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. The series has massive popularity as it has an epic storyline with an imaginary world.

The series follows the life of the protagonist, Asta. He is an orphan boy who lives in an orphanage with his fellow Yuno. The story is set in an imaginary world where people are born with the magical ability "Mana". But the twist in the storyline is that Asta was born without having mana power. But still, Asta and Yuno strive to become the king of Knight Wizard.

The storyline ultimately presents the storyline of an imaginary world with incredible graphics. It released 170 episodes to grab the best adventure and fantasy types of entertainment. Watching this series with a filler guide also makes sense to experience the original storyline.

Fairy Tail

The Fairy Tail anime is the best series, consisting of action, adventure, comedy, fantasy worlds, and friendship. It gets adapted from Hiro Mashima's manga series. It's a shounen genre series as it has been serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine. The series is the best way to get hooked on watching unpredictable and mysterious plots. When you watch this series, you will realize that it covers all types of entertainment rather than delivering only adventure and fantasy genres.

The comedy, battlegrounds, demons and dragons, various fantasy worlds in the form of guilds, and superpowerful characters make this series incredible to watch. It has 328 + 9 OVA episodes in 9 seasons. It's a long-running series, and using a fairy tail filler list is a worthwhile way to experience watching its original storyline.

The storyline follows the adventurous life of protagonist Natsu Dragneel. Natsu is a member of the wizard guild Fairy Tail. He is a dragon slayer and finds the guild during a search for his adoptive father. Also, he meets Lucy Heartfilia. The storyline makes you feel like a part of the series. The ultimate storyline of the series makes watching anime worthwhile.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is the most popular anime series to watch for adventure, fantasy, and action. It is adapted from the same name manga created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series is a Shounen genre series, which was serialized in the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. The storyline of the series is excellent to experience as it delivers emotions and powerful characters.

The storyline of the series follows the adventurous life of protagonist Gon Freecss. He discovered that his father is still alive and that he is a professional hunter. Gon strives to become a hunter like his father. He leaves home and gives a tough exam to get trained as a professional hunter. After getting training, his adventurous life starts in the fantasy world. The storyline of the series is amazing.

It is a short-running series to watch as it was released with 30 episodes. The series makes your watching experience amazing without using a filler guide. You can also chase quality entertainment after interacting with this series.


Hope you found a great list of the best fantasy-adventure anime series. The storyline of anime based on adventure, action, fantasy, supernatural abilities, and comedy is always perfect to pick as the best series for watching quality entertainment. The fantasy and adventure genre anime covers the adventurous life of the protagonist and other characters in imaginary worlds, so it's worthwhile to get interaction with the incredible graphics of the series.

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